Ruby Plus: Another Ruby/Rails Screencast Site

作者: 司徒正美
发布时间:2015-07-13 11:26:00

Ruby Plus is a site offering free Ruby and Rails related screencasts recorded by Bala Paranj, much in the same vein as Ryan Bates' Railscasts. The screencasts are generally similar in length and overall format to those from Railscasts. So far there are 29 episodes you can download.

The first twelve screencasts in the archive (for which you have to register to download, alas) were exclusively Ruby, covering topics like blocks, class_eval, modules, recursion, and so on, but unfortunately the rest of the screencasts have been entirely Rails focused beyond those first twelve. It's still a source worth checking for Ruby and Rails screencasts though, so give it a look.

(Update: Several people have reported to me that they have an issue with Ruby Plus being portrayed in a positive light. I'll admit I haven't watched a significant number of the screencasts, just a couple in fact, but what I saw seemed okay in terms of production. With all the complaints, however, I figure you should be aware that there appear to be quite a few people who are not keen on the site, so you may just want to skip this post.. but I cannot remove it as it is now part of the public record and, as you probably know, I don't do censorship.)


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