tomcat性能监控工具 lambda probe

作者: diy8187
发布时间:2015-07-13 11:10:58

tomcat性能监控工具 lambda probe

lambda probe是一个tomcat性能监控工具,它提供了比tomcat管理控制台更加强大的功能,它自身也是一个web应用,直接部署到tomcat下就可以通过web方式来访问了.

lambda probe提供了非常丰富的功能,下面是它的一些特性:

* Comprehensive JVM memory usage monitor.
* JBoss compatibility
* Display of deployed applications, their status, session count, session object count, context object count, datasource usage etc.
* Start, stop, restart, deploy and updeploy of applications
* Ability to view deployed JSP files
* Ability to compile all or selected JSP files at any time.
* Ability to pre-compile JSP files on application deployment.
* Ability to view auto-generated JSP servlets
* Display of list of sessions for a particular application
* Display of session attributes and their values for a particular application. Ability to remove session attributes.
* Ability to view application context attributes and their values.
* Ability to expire selected sessions
* Graphical display of datasource details including maximum number of connections, number of busy connections and configuration details
* Ability to group datasource properties by URL to help visualizing impact on the databases
* Ability to reset data sources in case of applications leaking connection
* Display of system information including, memory usage bar and OS details
* Display of JK connector status including the list of requests pending execution
* Real-time connector usage charts and statistics.
* Real-time cluster monitoring and clulster traffic charts
* Real time OS memory usage, swap usage and CPU utilisation monitoring
* Ability to show information about log files and download selected files
* Ability to tail log files in real time from a browser.
* Ability to interrupt execution of “hang” requests without server restart
* Ability to restart Tomcat/JVM via Java Serview Wrapper.
* Availability “Quick check”


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