isMobile 一个简单的JS库,用来检测移动设备

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(function () {              var MOBILE_SITE = '',                   NO_REDIRECT = 'noredirect';              if (isMobile.any) {                  if ( document.cookie.indexOf(NO_REDIRECT) === -1 ) {                      document.location = MOBILE_SITE;                  }              }          })();

Why use isMobile?

I had a specific requirement for a project when I created this:

- Redirect all iPhones, iPods, Android phones, and seven inch devices to the mobile site.

A completely separate site had been created for mobile devices, so feature detection/graceful degredation/progressive enhancement were out of the question. I had to redirect.

I couldn’t do detection on the back-end, because the entire site was cached and served by Akamai; I had to do the detection client-side.

So I resorted to UA sniffing.

I tried to keep the script small ( currently ~1.3k bytes, minified ) and simple, because it would need to execute in the   <head> , which is generally a bad idea, since JS blocks downloading and rendering of anything else while it parses and executes. In the case of mobile redirection, I don’t mind so much, because I want to start the redirect as soon as possible, before the device has a chance to start downloading and rendering stuff. For non-mobile platforms, the script should execute fast, so the browser can quickly get back to downloading and rendering.

How it works

isMobile runs quickly on page load to detect mobile devices; it then creates a JavaScript object with the results.

Devices detected by isMobile

The following properies of the isMobile   object will either be   true   or   false

Apple devices

  •   (any mobile Apple device)

Android devices

  •   (any mobile Android device)

Windows devices

  •   (any mobile Windows device)

Specific seven inch devices

  • isMobile.seven_inch
    • true   if the device is one of the following 7″ devices:
      • Nexus 7
      • Kindle Fire
      • Nook Tablet 7 inch
      • Galaxy Tab 7 inch

“Other” devices

  • isMobile.other_blackberry_10
  • isMobile.other_blackberry
  • isMobile.other_opera   (Opera Mini)
  • isMobile.other_firefox

Aggregate Groupings

  • isMobile.any   - any device matched
  •   - any device in the ‘phone’ groups above
  • isMobile.tablet   - any device in the ‘tablet’ groups above

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